Cixi Hengda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacture for heaters which established in 1999, we are located in Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, which is well known for electrical appliance in China.
We mainly produce various kinds of heaters, such as convector, fireplace patio heater and mica heater.
At present, the company occupies a land of 12,000 sq.m with construction area of 8,000 sq.m. It has modern office and production environment: European office building and garden factory workshop with reasonable layout.
We have established a strict quality control system throughout our entire manufacturing process;from mold inspection, pressing and spray painting, through to assembly line production. As such our quality control department is equipped to inspect products from the purchase of raw material to the shipment of all final products.
We have long recognized that the pursuit of quality products and professional service are of key importance in maintaining our valued customers and in expanding our customer base.
Look forward to be your close-knit partner.
Cixi Hengda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd
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