There are many household appliances, so beware of "big trouble" caused by electrical circuits

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publish:2023-02-20 11:10:21  

With the improvement of residents' living standards

People's daily electricity consumption will continue to increase

Many minor hidden dangers are often ignored for a long time

And finally become a "hidden killer"

Common causes of electrical fire

Electrical fire

Generally, it refers to the fire caused by the failure of the electrical circuit, electrical equipment, appliances and power supply and distribution equipment to release heat energy, such as high temperature, electric arc, electric spark and non-failure energy, which ignites the body or other combustibles under the combustion conditions, and also includes the fire caused by lightning and static electricity.

Common causes of electrical fire


Short circuit fault

The electrical equipment in the home will be short-circuited due to insulation damage, circuit disrepair and operation error. The heat generated by short circuit will cause combustion, which will lead to fire.


Line overload

Unreasonable selection of lines or equipment, excessive load current of lines, long-term overload operation of electrical equipment, etc. will cause overheating of lines or equipment and cause fire.


poor contact

If the connector is not connected firmly or tightly, and the pressure of moving contact is too small, the contact resistance will be too high, and the contact part will overheat and cause fire.


Poor heat dissipation

For high-power electrical equipment, if there is no ventilation and heat dissipation facilities or the ventilation and heat dissipation facilities are damaged, it will cause heat accumulation and cause fire.


Improper use

Electric appliances such as electric heaters or electric irons are not used as required, flammable and explosive materials are stacked nearby, and the power supply is disconnected after use, which may also cause fire.

Preventive measures for electrical fire

When decorating and replacing electrical appliances and wires, we should buy wires and components with good quality. We should not buy Sanwu products for the sake of cheap, and we should be more vigilant not to buy fake and shoddy products.

The wires at home should be replaced in a timely manner, and the electrician with professional qualification should be found to operate the replacement to prevent accidents caused by improper operation during replacement and fire caused by short circuit of wires due to unqualified connection after replacement.

According to the thickness of the section of the wire, the rated current that the wire can bear is specified with safe current carrying capacity. If the line is overloaded, it will cause fire or burn the equipment used. Therefore, it is necessary to use electrical appliances within the carrying range of the wire.

Do not use copper wire or iron wire to replace the circuit fuse when it is blown due to the overload of electricity in the home. Remember to install a leakage protection device.

Ordinary patch panels and multi-function patch panels have become the most commonly used circuit transfer connection tools for household appliances. When purchasing patch panels, choose products with quality assurance. At the same time, pay attention that two electrical appliances with large power should not be used on the same patch panel.

After the electrical equipment is used, the power supply should be turned off in time. When leaving home, the electrical equipment must be turned off and the power supply must be cut off to prevent the body from overheating and fire due to the overtime use of the electrical equipment.

Precursors of electrical fire

The wire will scorch the insulation skin due to overheating, and emit an unpleasant smell of burning rubber and plastic. When you smell this smell, you should think that it may be caused by the electrical circuit. If other reasons cannot be found, the power supply shall be switched off immediately until the causes are identified and properly handled.

Extinguishing methods of electrical fire

When the electrical circuit and electrical equipment are in fire and ignite nearby combustibles

Generally, the method of power-off and fire extinguishing should be adopted, that is, according to the different conditions of the fire site, the power should be cut off in time, and then the fire should be put out.

It should be noted that fire fighting with water should not be carried out first, because electrical lines and electrical equipment are generally live, and fire fighting with water may cause electric shock. When it is uncertain whether the power supply is cut off, dry powder, carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride and other fire extinguishers can be used to put out the fire.

Original title: "There are many household appliances, beware of the" big trouble "of electrical circuits"

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